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In 1994 Perm Regional Federation of Greco-Roman Wrestling and Sportsmen Professional Union of Prikamiye became the founders of new organization Sport City Wrestling Club Permskiye Medvedi

Constant president of the Club is the honorable trainer of Russia, candidate of pedagogical sciences Vladimir Alexandrovich Nelubin. The world of wrestling knows him as a passionate fan of wrestling and outstanding organizer that was proved by the 14 year history of Sport City Wrestling Club Permskiye Medvedi that includes the history of loud victories along with everyday and the most important work of educating healthy generation. Sport City Wrestling Club unites Perm Krai federation of Greco-Roman wrestling, Perm Krai federation of Free style wrestling, Perm Krai federation of Physical Culture, sports and creative work for disabled, Handball Club Permskiye Medvedi, Fund of Support and development of socially important initiatives Medved and Veterans sport Development Fund in Prikamiye.

Club has received a ticket to life from the hands of two time Olympic champion Ivan Yarigin who was a president of Sports Wrestling Federation in Russia at that time. Club movement is oriented to sports of top achievements. Team Permskiye Medvedi announced about itself at once. In 1996 Perm team won the Cup of Russia for a club and in 1997 presented Russia on the Cup of European champions in France, women team of the Club won a Cup of European.

Champions in dzudo, created furor, after defeating the French in the final. Unprecedented glory was achieved by the World champion, two times Europe champion, bronze prizewinner on Olympic Games in Atlanta, honorable master of sports Alexander Tretiyakov. In 2007 sports school of Olympic Reserves named after him started to work. Two time champion of Russia, today the senior trainer of Greco-Roman Wrestling team of Privolzhskiy (Near Volga) federal district Igor Chuchumov in 2001 became a silver prize-winner in the European championship, a master of sports of international level Sergei Petrov became the winner of international youth and adults tournaments. Flag of the Club was defended by Kurgan-inhabitant Alexander Menshikov, who won a title of the strongest world wrestler in 1998. Club can be proud of its trainers staff - Sergei Kuzyakin, Nikolay Kudinov, Vladimir Kichanov, Vladimir Nelubin, Andrey Etoev who have titles of Honorable Trainers of Russia.

Free style Wrestling Federation, part of the Club unites 3000 sportsmen. Its president is the head of the city Perm Igor Nikolaevich Shubin. Trainers' staff has prepared 91 masters of sports and 129 candidates in masters of sports of USSR and Russia. First arabesque in women's free style wrestling of Prikamiye became the beautiful lady Olga Gileva. Today she is a four time winner of Russian tournaments, Europe Championship 2003 in Spain, many other international tournaments. Olga lacked a little good luck for becoming the participant of Beijing Olympiad; the competition was severe in this kind of sports.

A special place in the Club's structure is occupied by Regional Federation of Physical Culture, Sports and Creative Work of disabled and Centre of Olympic preparation of deaf sportsmen. These social organizations have something to be proud of. The composition of Federation includes six honorable masters of sports, five honorable masters of sports in international class, four candidates for masters of sports. Deaf-and-dumb skiers of the Centre of Olympic preparation won more than hundred of gold medals the world and European championships. During 16 years by now Sports festivals for disabled are held in order to popularize keeping fit and doing sports among people with limited physical abilities, thanks to the Club's initiative. Some years ago the real opening of such festival became Taras Krizhanovskiy, today an honorable master of sports, four time champion of Para Olympic winter games in Salt-Lake-City (2002) and in Turin (2006). Big adult festival has a small -brother - regional festival of disabled children's sports. It started in 2001 on the National Day of Defending Children on the Perm stadium Unost (Youth) and now has become traditional. 7 years ago handball club Permskiye Medvedi joint the Sport City Wrestling Club. It has risen from 23rd place in the Russian tournament list and today doesn't leave the top three places.An important part of the kaleidoscope of activities fulfilled by the Sport City Wrestling Club includes the events that can't be called sports. At present this part of work is managed by the Fund of Support and Development of socially significant initiatives Medved and Fund of veterans' sports development in Prikamiye. Fund Medved has taken the responsibility of supporting citizen initiatives and financing socially significant events. One of the basic directions of the Fund - is address support to those who seek it. Traditionally on the Victory Day 9th of May the Fund organizes a solemn guest evening in honor of WOII, for which the front activists come from all around the region. The name of the Fund of support of veterans' sport speaks itself. Veterans' sports support from the very beginning was the basic direction of the Club's activity. During numerous years on the New Year's eve Club congratulates the sports veterans. 43 participants of Olympic Games who presented the Perm Krai every month get the scholarship from the Club.

The great significance in the work of Permskiye Medvedi plays the factor that Club has its own sports-arena complex Spartak and a biathlon complex Molot. For Permskiye Medvedi indoor arena Spartak is not only the sports ground but a real home. Club's offices and the cabinets of its divisions are located here. The central arena is sufficiently universal. The system of moving tribunes and assembly platforms, construction of separate sections let to organize different events: sports competitions, festivals, corporate evenings, discotheques, concerts, seminars and exhibitions. In addition to general arena we have two more special halls. In the wrestlers' gym the selective team of Sport City Wrestling Club trains in Greco-Roman wrestling, and it's also the place for children's and young people's clubs. The second hall is a game gym, its dimensions permit to play various kinds of sports: volleyball, mini-football, rugby and tennis.

The trainer's gym and fitness club Venera propose to keep fit. Both halls coincide to international standards. On the first floor near the entrance there are a beauty parlor, small shops, a cozy bar Grot where you will be pleased to taste delicious cuisine and diversified cart of wine.

In 2007 Club acquired a biathlon complex Molot. Taking into account the ability of Vladimir Nelubin to fix top aims we can be sure that it would become one of the best sports complexes in Russia and who knows may be in Europe.

The achievements of sport club Permskiye Medvedi found respect not only of city and regional authorities, Perm sponsors and fans, but also of the sports community. On one of the internet conferences Alexander Karelin was asked why Perm was chosen as the place of the championship, and he explained: For the reason of the rich experience in organizing similar representative tournaments, there's Vladimir Alexandrovich Nelubin with his team of helpers, there's a Sport City Wrestling Club Permskiye Medvedi which is famous not only in Russia but also abroad.

During the last years the Club held more than hundred of tournaments. May be the most important of them were the tournaments in memory of Ivan Poddubniy, the club was its organizer for 4 years one after another. Perm audience could watch the combats of strongest world wrestlers from Poland, Yugoslavia, USA, China, Korea, and Iran. The experience learnt in the organizing of these tournaments let in the long run in 1998 to hold the first in the history World Greco-Roman Wrestling Veteran Championship. This tournament was a great present for many titled sportsmen who were given the opportunity to come back to arena. Starting with the championship held in Perm the world development of veteran movement of classics set off. Russian veterans-wrestlers of Greco-Roman style traditionally meet on Perm carpets during the last 16 years.
During all time of the Club's activity it has always had kind relations with Karelin's Fund and club Pervomayets from the city of Novosibirsk and sports club Vityaz from Podolsk, Club Ratibor from St. Petersburg and wrestling federations from many Russian regions. Leaders and sportsmen of Uzbekistan Wrestling Federation are regular guests here.

In different years eminent guests came to our Club: Ministers of Sports Boris Ivanuzhenkov and Pavel Rozhkov, Minister of Emergency situations - Sergey Shoigu, representatives of tsar dynasty Romanovs, legend trainer CSCA of Alexander Gomelski, Olympic champions Alexander Karelin, Varteres Samurgashev, Murat Kardanov, Nikolai Balboshin, Mnatsak Iskanderyan, Valeriy Ryazantsev, Anatoly Roshin, Shamil Khisamutdinov.

Traditional tournaments

1. Tournament in memory of an honorable trainer of RSFSR Gennadiy Pavlovich Sarsatskikh, devoted to one of the best Perm sportsmen and trainers, 17-19 year old sportsmen from all Russia come to take part in it.

2. Tournament for a prize of an honorable master of sports, world champion and Olympic prize-winner Alexander Tretiyakov.These tournaments are held for the small children of 12-14 years old. In this age it is very essential to have a sample to repeat, so-called "Polar Star" to follow. All his life Alexander Tretiyakov tried to prove that there's nothing impossible in this world, one should believe in oneself, own strength and abilities.

3. Russian championship among juniors in memory of dead in local conflicts. Club and Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation took a decision of conducting this competition in 2000 after the tragic death of Perm Regional Militiaman Division during execution of their national responsibility in Chechnya.

4. Russian Wrestling Veterans' Championship. "Veterans of the carpet" from all parts of our country and close foreign countries traditionally come on tournament that turns out to be a real holiday of sports.

5. Youth Free Style Tournament in memory of Taimuraz Gergaulov, a tragically dead talented Perm sportsman. The tournament gained wide spread popularity in the country. This tournament has been held since 1996 and constantly gathers more than 400 girls and boys.

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